Ask the Lingerie and Alterations Expert – Deanna Tanner

Ask the Lingerie and Alteration Expert – Deanna Tanner

It’s the dead of winter when the snow is crunching underfoot, we hopefully have kept up with our New Year’s Resolutions, and perhaps the winter blah’s are setting in.

Then Valentine’s hits and it can seem like a cruel joke sometimes. Here’s some sage wisdom from my observations as a lingerie fitter.

First of all, good body image has nothing to do with having a perfect body. The most beautiful women can be the most self-berating, and self-conscientious, and on the other hand women with serious flaws can be so confident that you, and everyone else sees them as perfect anyway! Give yourself a break, and don’t be hard on your look. Trust me, we are our own worst critics!

Another thing I hear all the time in the lingerie store is, “I don’t have anyone to wear pretty things for.” Forget that! If you like it, wear it for yourself! It makes you feel good, and that’s reason enough. It is fun to dress up for our partner, but really only if it makes you feel sexy and confident. If you feel awkward and uncomfortable… not sexy, am I right?

Lastly, Valentine’s Day is a fun time to break out of a rut. Have you been sleeping in old beer t-shirts? But it’s comfortable you say. Well, it could be a sign that you are slipping into a pattern where it’s just easier to not care about yourself. Beautiful, feminine sleep wear is luxurious, and super comfortable and can make you feel like a queen! Who can resist living like a queen?