Ask the Fine Dining, Hooka and Dancing Expert – John Odisho


Ask the Fine Dining, Hooka and Dancing Expert – John Odisho


Babylon tower Season greetings to you! Christmas is upon us, that joyful time of year, spent with family and loved ones.

In the Middle East, there is a lot of Christians, so this holiday is an important part of their traditions. An important part of the traditional meal is the mezze.

At the Babylon tower, we specialize in the mezze, which basically means appetizer or small food. And when I say we, I mean NADIA, our prep cook. All week, she makes our appetizers from scratch. From hand rolling the warak inab (wine leaves) and the kebba, and doing the Fattoush salad every day, to boiling the chick peas for the hummus.

With her recipes protectively guarded, she takes great care to choose the spices to make her own blend, which she use to make the safiha, that very tasty savory pastry stuffed with ground beef.

I’ve helped her from time to time, to make mezze (occasionally eating one off) to just talk to her about different sorts of kebba existing, while hand crafting every single one of them……no molds for this lady.

I hope you join us at the Babylon Tower to enjoy these appetizers, and why not a hookah while you’re at it, to share with friends or loved ones.

Have a Merry Christmas from all our team at the Babylon Tower.