Ask the Facials Expert – Trina Lui


Ask the Facials Expert – Trina Lui

Are you struggling for the perfect gift?

Do you avoid the shopping mall like it’s the plague?  Here are some ideas to ease the stress during this busy season.

Give the Gift of Time.

Make some memories with a friend or loved one.  Share a relaxing facial, massage, manicure or pedicure and enjoy the opportunity to catch up and laugh together.

The spa environment provides a relaxing and fun atmosphere to enjoy each other’s company.  Consider bringing your boyfriend or husband and introduce them to the benefits of relaxation.  You could end up with a “Spa Buddy” for life.

Give the Gift of Spa.

Many parents often shy away from spending money on spa treatments.  Some may consider spa services too indulgent.  Mom or Dad will usually opt for something more practical like gifts for the kids or the household.  Try something different this year and give the gift of a “guilt free” therapeutic spa treatment.  Gift certificates can often be purchased online, printed out or emailed to your friend or family member.  This saves you from being in the cold winter weather and fighting the mobs at the malls.

Give the Gift of DIY Spa.

DIY is more popular than ever.  From home improvements to homemade skincare products, do it yourself is the trend of this era.  Start your teen off with a small skincare starter set and allow him/her to enjoy the benefits of a facial at home.  Give mom a sea salt soak and wine set to enjoy the luxuries of a warm aromatherapy bath and a glass of wine in the comforts of her own home.  Consider a Do It Yourself gel polish set.  These are really popular with the craze of shellac and shiny instantly dry nails.  Get professional grade and quality products for the DIYer in your life.