Ask the Water Expert – Ernie Butler

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Ask the Water Expert – Ernie Butler

How much water should I drink?

We should drink eight glasses of water each day. However, most people only drink three or four – much short of what it takes to have healthy organs and a healthy body in general.

The real reason for this is that we do not like the taste of the water we are drinking. When people have a glass of water, they sip on it and only end up drinking half the glass. If they liked the taste, they would drink a full glass or maybe even two.

So chlorine gets into our bodies, so what?

Chlorine is one of the biggest enemies to our health.

Before sewage is allowed back into our water systems, it is treated with chlorine and other chemicals to kill any bacteria present. The chlorine also comes into contact with organic material like decayed trees, grasses and other vegetation.

When sewage, organic materials and chlorine mix together they cause trihalomethanes. Trihalomethanes cause cancer.

Our bodies are 65% water. Our blood stream is 90% water. The water in our blood stream delivers nutrients and energy to the cells that keep our organs healthy. When chlorinated water reaches our cells, the cells fail to divide properly. They start to mutate and are no longer healthy.

When you drink clean water, with no chlorine, your body functions properly and healthily as it was meant to.

Just think of the difference between a very small amount of chlorine in the water compared to clean water – a deadly difference! We need chlorine to keep us safe from the water we drink and use every day, but you do not want the chlorine in your body! Call 306-775-0068 today!