Ask the Restoration Expert – Action Restoration

Ask the Restoration Expert – Action Restoration

Water Extraction

This is the first step in the drying process. We utilize truck mounts and portables to extract any standing water in preparation for structural drying.

Structural Drying

This involves the installation of air movers, dehumidifiers, and additional drying equipment such as a drying trailer to dry out materials within the structure. This limits the amount of affected materials that need to be removed as a result of the water loss.

Document Drying/Restoration

Freeze drying is a process which can be used to preserve and recover valuable documents damaged by water. Freeze drying removes water from documents after they have been frozen, allowing them to maintain their biological structure and preventing further deterioration. Firstly, the documents are frozen solid in order to maintain their structural form. Next, they are placed in the freeze drying chamber, and a high-pressure vacuum is applied to remove any air. When the correct pressure and temperature are achieved, the moisture is converted to vapor. Finally, a gradual temperature rise completes the process by driving off more vapors and eliminating bound water from the documents.

Drywall & Painting

We offer professional installation of any drywall and paint that was unsuccessfully dried during the structural drying process.

Drapery & Rug Drying, Cleaning & Replacement

Using a powerful truck mounted carpet cleaning unit (industry standard) or portable units, we thoroughly clean the carpet with hot fresh water. Our carpet cleaning units are capable of heating the water to maximum cleaning potential with vacuum power strong enough to leave your carpets only slightly damp after the carpet cleaning process. The final process would be a period in a hydroxyl chamber, molecularly bonding fresh hydroxyl atoms into the content to remove any lingering odor traces, leaving it ready to return to the homeowner. It is our mission to retrieve, restore and return as much content to the homeowner as possible. Replacement costs are not factored into our dogma.

The Esporta Wash System is more than just a washing machine. It is an innovative washing system using a patented system of hydraulic pressure cleaning combined with a specific blend of detergents to effectively disinfect soft contents, personal protective gear and all types of sports equipment. Yet, it is gentle enough for draperies and other delicate items.

Mildew & Odor Removal

Antimicrobial solutions are utilized in certain losses to prevent an opportunity for secondary loss conditions to occur due to mold, etc.

Drying & Dehumidification

Dehumidification is utilized to remove moisture from the materials of a structure and the surrounding environment. If done properly, this allows for minimal removal of affected materials. This will effectively limit the cost of the loss and the repairs and the time needed to return the structure to a pre-loss condition.

Structural Repairs

Some losses require structural repairs. These repairs go beyond the cosmetic repairs such as drywall and paint. Structural repairs include, but are not limited to, concrete repairs, framing, window/door replacement, roofing replacement, and exterior repairs.

Complete Flooring Sales & Installation

Depending on the loss, sometimes flooring materials are damaged beyond repair. Professional installation, repair and/or replacement of all types of flooring materials (carpet, hardwood, tile and laminate) are available from our expert flooring contractors. Selections of virtually any type, kind and colour are available

Appliance & Furniture Repair/Refinishing

By the use of a myriad of systems at our disposal, we are able to stop harmful bacteria growth, remove rust, kill airborne pathogens, clean infected electronics and more. One piece of equipment that we use is a controlled disinfectant chamber. When dealing with furniture, our vendors are highly skilled professionals, with years of service in their trades, and they understand Action Restoration Ltd’s standards with restoration being at the forefront of their craft.

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