Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

dent repair expert

Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

Did you know that if you have an insurance claim for hail repair, you are entitled to take that to the repair shop of your choice?

We’ve been told by a number of our clients that they were required to take their vehicle to a specific shop to have their repairs completed, but this simply isn’t the case. According to the Automotive Service  and Repair Association, and developed in conjunction with the Government of Alberta, “it is your right to have your vehicles’ damage estimated and repaired at the collision shop of your choice”. While many insurance companies do have lists of preferred or approved auto repair facilities, you are not limited to those.

Keep in mind that when you select a repair shop, the responsibility for a satisfactory repair job rests with you. Any dispute about the quality of the repair or the collision shop’s guarantee or warranty is a contractual matter between you and the collision shop. Even though the insurance company is paying the bill, they are not responsible for the implied warranty of work between you and the repair facility. They will, however, usually be willing to assist you with any discussions with that shop regarding the warranty.

We want everyone to have the best and easiest possible experience when getting repairs done to their vehicle. Feel free to contact us at 403-340-3177 any time for more information.