Ask the Pool and Spa Expert – Sheila Edmondson

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Ask the Pool and Spa Expert – Sheila Edmondson

Give the Gift of Health & Fun This Year!

A “Hot Tub” is the perfect gift.

Think of the fun you and your family can have, enjoying a technology free environment sharing the events of the day, creating memories that will last a life time.

A hot tub is the perfect place to reconnect with loved ones, share intimate moments that our busy lifestyles take away from us.

As we age our bodies benefit from massage, experience a true hydro-massage in a hot tub and you will feel better, sleep better and best of all you can enjoy your hot tub any time.

How to SHOP for YOUR Hot Tub!

Manufacturer – do your research – there are too many companies producing inferior products. Technology has provided us with improved jetting, for ultimate massage, superior filtration systems for cleaner water which require less chemicals and draining, along with standard features like UV-C. Price does not guarantee quality.

Dealership – Ask the tough questions. How long have you carried this brand of hot tub? Do you have service technicians? Feeling confident in your dealership choice gives you peace of mind that you will be taken care of.

After Purchase Service – EVERY hot tub requires maintenance. If a dealership cannot help you with the correct products and answer your questions, their true focus is selling the hot tub, not ensuring that you can use it.

Since 1962 Sun N Fun Pool & Spa has been Red Deer’s Premier pool and spa dealership. As a family owned and operated business, we pride ourselves in offering the very best products from manufacturers that stand behind them.

Sundance Spas – We have carried Sundance Spas for 20 years; this provides our customers with the confidence that they will always have warranty for their spa if or when required.

Patented Filtration – Providing the cleanest water using Micro Clean technology.

Patented Jet Therapy – Experience the best jets in the industry, designed with quality in mind, placed to ensure the ultimate massage.

UV-C Technology VS Salt Systems and Ozone – ClearRay – designed and tested by Sundance engineers, this is the “latest technology” providing bacteria control using equipment. ClearRay is used in conjunction with either bromine or chlorine. Health Canada recognizes ONLY chlorine and bromine to effectively control bacteria in a hot tub. Many manufacturers are still using ozone systems or salt generators, these systems are effective but both have draw backs, ozone is hard to monitor and adds ozone to the water, salt systems are costly, require regular monitoring and can shorten the life of your heater and pumps. UV- C technology is proven bacteria control used in many “water industries” including waste treatment plants, hospitals, aquariums and bottling industries. BEST OF ALL – ClearRay is standard on EVERY Sundance Spa. Requires very little maintenance and does not add or take anything away from the water. The future is available on EVERY Sundance Spa!

Water Maintenance – As BioGuard dealers (the largest spa/pool maintenance products manufacturer in North America) all of our staff are professionally trained to test your water and make sure you are using the least amount of product by using the correct product at the correct time.

Put a HOT TUB Under “YOUR”

Christmas Tree!