Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

dent repair expert

Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

The short answer is……no. But then, nobody can. Sorry, but it’s the truth.

The fact is, once your vehicle has been damaged, it’s damaged. If you take it to a body shop, that damage will be filled and repainted, or the panel will be replaced and repainted. So it depends on your definition of “perfect”. We prefer “original”. And a repaint or replacement is not “original”.


What Dent Clinic will do is “un-damage” your vehicle. We get into where your dent is located and massage the metal back to it’s pre-damaged placement. And frankly, there WILL still be some slight ripples or waves, despite what any other dent repair place will tell you. The thing is, you should not be able to tell that those ripples or waves are there. We really try to make those ripples as small as the texture of your paint. And we can usually get pretty darn close to that.


It all comes down to this:  we see these dents every single day. And we can’t say that we’re perfect. We CAN say that we should be able to remove your dent to the point that you, nor anyone else, will be able to see it. When we do this on brand new vehicles, they are put right back into the showroom as undamaged vehicles. We feel that that’s a darn good repair. And we’re pretty proud of that.


If we don’t think we can get that degree of a repair, we’ll tell you and we’ll recommend a body shop for you. If we try the repair and it doesn’t work, you don’t pay for it.


At worst, it will cost you a little time to see what we can do. At best, your dent will disappear.


We’ll do everything we can to make you happy. Well, happier.


That’s not perfect. But it ain’t bad.