Ask the Automotive Maintenance Repair Expert – Jamie Senior

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Ask the Automotive Maintenance Repair Expert – Jamie Senior


The old saying, “Pay twice as much and buy half as many” is true for a lot of things. For instance, a high-quality pair of shoes will last longer and look better than cheap knock-offs. Sometimes the extra money just buys more enjoyment – think steak vs. hamburger.

The Price vs. Quality quandary carries into how you care for your car.

Here are some examples:

  • Tires: Top-tier tires will last longer and perform
    better than bottom-tier tires.
  • Replacement auto parts: Quality car parts will
    meet or exceed your vehicle manufacturer’s
    specifications. Bargain parts may not last as long or
    perform up to the standards engineered into your
  • Fuel: Top-tier gasoline contains more detergents
    than the minimum required by law. This helps keep
    your fuel system clean and running efficiently.

When it comes to car care, go with the best quality you can afford. Your NAPA AUTOPRO technician can help you build a plan for keeping your overall cost of vehicle operation low, while at the same time preserving performance and safety.