Ask the Expert on Dog behavior, Grooming & Pet Food – Rebecca Hayes-Copeland


Ask the Expert on Dog behavior, Grooming & Pet FoodRebecca Hayes-Copeland

It is that time of year again – the snowy season begins and people are looking for the best ways to exercise their dogs so that their canine companions can last through the dark and cold nights to come.

With winter, also comes the problem of socializing. Unfortunately, many people stop walking their dogs and spending time outdoors in the cold, so your pup can go months without any real socializing opportunities. If you were to lock yourself away indoors and not talk to anyone outside of family members you lived with for 6 months or more, you too would suffer some social issues with the outside world. It’s important that we continue to engage our dogs with other people, sights and sounds so that they continue to be nice, friendly doggy citizens.

Partners Naturally has some fun options for the winter. If exercise is your big concern – consider signing up for a quick treadmill lesson or two. We have the Spot-On K9 Treadmill specifically designed for dogs to make learning how to jog on a treadmill, fast, fun and easy.

Need some social opportunities and some mental stimulation? Consider some of our group class activities such as Agility (obstacle course for dogs) or Scent Work (training your dog to detect and alert on a hidden scent – training similar to arson, drug and airport dogs). Want to teach some amazing tricks? We offer trick classes as well. All of these activities utilize your dog’s brain as well as work them so you have a much happier, calmer dog at home.

Remember, Partners Naturally is not only basic obedience and behaviour problem solving. There are many options for fun with your dogs as well! Contact us at 780-513-4074 or for more info.