Ask the Custom Home Building Expert – Marko Mrsic


Ask the Custom Home Building Expert – Marko Mrsic

Building a home?

When it comes to building custom homes in Vancouver or Burnaby, everyone has different taste, budget, style and time. Planning a build or reno could a be stressful process. Animark Custom Homes has the experience to make this process a breeze. No need to go through the emotional ups and downs of hiring and firing tradesmen. Pick your style, pick your design and we do the rest.

7 Steps To Designing Your Home

Site Walk Through

In order to fully visualize your dream, we need to see it! A survey will be needed so engineers and architects can work their magic in making your dream a reality. We like to walk through to see what’s around your future home. This is important because it could make or break the look of the neighborhood. Tall trees in the line of the sun could jeopardized the hopes of having bay windows in your kitchen or a covered patio. Nothing is worse than having your neighbor’s patio overlooking a bathroom window.

Things to think about when you’re thinking of building are:

  • 1 or 2 car garage
  • Which side is the driveway?
  • Front or back access
  • Position of home, N.E.S.W.?
  • Garden
  • Grass for kids
  • Covered Patio or Deck
  • Existing trees in or around?

Site Measurement

Construction Surveys are mandatory when planning a new home construction. The requirements vary in each city or municipality.

Residential surveys include mortgage certificates, property line repostings, topographic surveys and a variety of surveys for renovations and new house construction. These surveys are essential for all homeowners making changes to their property. Land survey costs could be as low as $1,500 in Vancouver upwards to $3,000+ depending on the residential renovation or new home construction.

Design Proposal

During this stage of the design process, you will be walked through your plans closely see if they meet your needs and wants.  To ensure you’re on the same page as our design & build team. We will go through the following:

  • Room sizes
  • Window sizes
  • Kitchen layout and flow
  • Exterior look

Floor & Roof Layout

When it comes to designing your roof line, there are several aspects to follow to keep in line with municipal and legal RULES. From the height restrictions to the and width limitations, even understanding the correct slope needed for your specified roof applications.  All these and more are very important for both builder and home owner so that we can stay on budget with your design.

Final Design Approval

After every step is confirmed, and you pick out the style of your design we finalize the drawings and confirm the start date of our contractors. We print off and submit plans

Permit Applications

Pulling permits and submitting your permits into the city is the next step.

Project & Site Preparation

Turn off electrical and gas, water, from the city call the following numbers for each service.


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