Ask the Water Expert –Ernie Butler

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Ask the Water Expert –Ernie Butler

What is that terrible taste and smell in my tap water?

There are 110,000 chemicals used every day in this country and every one of them is found in our drinking water. One example is chlorine. Everyone has tasted and/ or smelled chlorine. This chemical was added to our drinking water in 1907 to kill waterborne diseases. At that time people were dying of Diphtheria, Cholera, plagues, E. coli and several incurable viruses. They are still in the water!

Chlorine is added, and it is the most efficient way to kill waterborne diseases. We do need it in our water. Scientists have now added to chlorine to create chloramine – an even stronger chemical.

These chemicals come into our homes by way of our water supply. We drink it, we cook with it and we wash our clothes with it. But worst of all, we shower and bathe in this chlorinated water. When we shower or bathe for ten minutes, the amount of chlorine that enters our body through our pores is equivalent to the amount we would consume by drinking ten glasses of water.