Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Gene Elash


Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Gene Elash

Generators – Power for your Jobsite

One of the most basic needs on any jobsite will be a generator! The Rental/Sales Experts® at The Rent-It Store can help you choose the right generator for your power needs.We carry every kind of generator you will need…..Gas Generators from 2000-6500 Watts…Diesel Generators from 7KW – the PowerPro 150 KVA…Suitcase Generators to the Popular WhisperWatt Generators.

SAFETY FIRST…Remember, a generator is a source for High Voltage. Never leave unattended around unqualified persons or children!

How do you determine what type of generator you require will depend on the load demands of each customer. There are 2 Load Types…

RESTRICTIVE LOADS – Generators that are required to run equipment that use a heating element and need a continuous run such as light bulbs, heaters, toasters and more.

INDUCTIVE LOADS – Generators that are required to run equipment that uses electrical motors requiring more wattage for the start up such as concrete mixers, submersible pumps, air compressors and more.


Lightweight, portable and convenient source of electricity. These small generators have a Maximum operating time of 12 hours. It comes with a 12v outlet for battery charging such as your cell phone. These are the perfect solution to your power issues for CAMPING, BOATING, OR IN THE RV.


11% quieter than most generators. Each WhisperWatt Generator features an integrated 24-hour fuel tank with a fluid containment system. Their dependability and quiet operation make for great sources of portable power on the construction site. They are the perfect generators for powering everything from JOBSHACKS TO LARGE WINTER HEATERS AND EQUIPMENT BLOCK HEATERS.


Gas powered portable generator when and where you need power for all construction, industrial, commercial and residential applications. These generators provide emergency, standby and everyday power you need in any situation.

They are great for supplying power for a variety of equipment from CIRCULAR SAWS TO JOBSITE LIGHTING AND CAMPING TRAILER REQUIREMENTS.

TRAILER MOUNTED GENERATORS Mobile Generators designed to handle the rugged requirements on the construction site that require temporary power. They are fuel efficient and quiet.  The newest addition to our fleet of mobile generators is the PowerPro 150. This generator will supply power for large building or jobsite that requires multiple pieces of equipment to be powered.

As the days get shorter, contractors are starting on the jobsite in the dark and working past sunset to get their projects done. Light Towers and Heaters are starting to be in high demand. These are great pieces of equipment that will require generators to run to keep the jobsite well lit and warm and keep your employee productivity high. We also carry a full line of accessories for the jobsite…Extension Cords, Distribution Panels and more. Contact our Rental/Sales Experts for more information on the equipment you need…306 652-0101.

The Rent-It Store can deliver you the right equipment to keep your construction site running smooth so you can get your projects done!