Ask the Clinical Hypnosis Expert – Peggy Davis

clinical hypnosis expert

Ask the Clinical Hypnosis Expert – Peggy Davis

Thinking of being a non-smoker?

This column is written for smokers who have been thinking of letting go of the old habit.

I have come to understand that addicted smokers both love and hate their cigarettes.  They love the way smoking comforts, stimulates and supports them like a friend–but they also resent that smoking makes them dependent, causes diseases, and makes them social outcasts. They hate that the habit controls their lives. Everyone knows what the negative health effects are, and the temptation is strong to ignore them.

I have come to understand something else:  Most people expect quitting to be very hard.  In fact, others warn them:  “It will be the hardest thing you’ve ever done”.    No wonder people put off quitting!  Who wants that?  Now, what if I told you there is a way to quit that can be simpler and more comfortable than you ever imagined?

Clinical hypnosis is a natural, easy way to accomplish your goal of being free from the old habit.  It has a 90% quit rate with only one session. Why?  Because I talk to you about your personal history and reasons to give up smoking, and then your treatment is tailored to you. Also, don’t worry that you can’t be hypnotized.  Clinical hypnosis is different than stage hypnosis.

Consider your personal reasons to give up smoking.  You may want to feel healthier; enjoy fresh, clean smells; save money, or watch your children or grandchildren grow up.  Think of other reasons that are personal to you.

Please call 403-527-2114 or e-mail me at with any questions or to set an appointment for your quit-smoking date.

I am happy to help!