Ask the Pet Expert – Rob Andreas

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Ask the Pet Expert –  Rob Andreas

With being a first-time pet owner, sometimes stress comes along with all that excitement.

Along with training, kittens and puppies will be in need of a check-up that includes the short series for the basic immunization protection against diseases that can be deadly. For example, parvo and distemper, that is until their immune systems have matured all the way.

First off, tip number one is give your new pet a safe, comfortable space at home. A new crate or dog bed will give your pet a sense of security and comfort while they’re undergoing new home life stress. Also, this means pet-proofing the room where the animal will be spending the most time.

Pet proofing includes taping down loose electrical cords, removing any household cleaners or plants that could be poisonous, removing breakables, and installing baby gates to keep pets in one part of the home.

It could be a few weeks before a pet starts to relax and his personality comes out. Pet owners should be patient and watch their pet’s body language for signs of distress or anxiety. I recommend a daily feeding and walk schedule to create routine. This is especially important when house training a pet.

Another tip, new owners are advised to schedule a check-up with their vet to make sure pets are up-to-date on their vaccinations, de-wormed and healthy. It’s also a good time to ask any questions on pet food, or other concerns owners might have.

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