Ask the Clinical Hypnosis Expert – Peggy Davis

clinical hypnosis expert

Ask the Clinical Hypnosis Expert – Peggy Davis

Hypnotherapy—or medical hypnosis—has a long history as a controversial treatment for physical and psychiatric ailments. The subject is fascinating to people. I added hypnosis to my practice in 1994 because I believe talk therapy simply does not treat matters of the subconscious as effectively as hypnotherapy. These problems include habit disorders, issues of self-esteem, weight management, and a wide array of anxiety and phobias. Many clients opt for a combination of talk therapy and hypnotherapy. The decision and control is always yours.

Hypnosis is something most of us have experienced in our everyday lives. If you’ve ever been totally engrossed in a book or movie and lost all track of time or didn’t hear someone calling your name, you were experiencing a trance state.

Hypnosis (induced by verbal guidance, not a swinging pocket watch) creates a hyper-attentive and hyper-responsive mental state, in which the client’s subconscious mind is highly open to suggestion and s/he becomes an active problem-solver.

Are some people more easily hypnotized than others? Yes. It’s good to know that for the purposes of clinical hypnosis, in my office, everyone can be hypnotized enough to achieve success for their goals. Whether a client achieves a light trance or a deeper one, the chances s/he will quit smoking in a single session is still over 90%.  For anxiety and phobias, relief will be obtained in only a few sessions. Do you wonder whether hypnosis can help you? Contact me at 403-527-2114 for a private consultation today!