Ask the Insulation Expert – Brad Redl


Ask the Insulation Expert – Brad Redl

One of the most common questions I get asked about our spray foam is “What’s the R-Value”? This is a difficult question to answer because “R-Value” is all that most people seem to know about insulation; it’s a number and more must be better.

To me, “R-Value” doesn’t matter, it is just a number, it relates to the amount of conductive heat transfer through an object and the test is conducted in a vacuum. If I lived in a vacuum I would be concerned with this “R-Value” number when insulating my home but because I live in the real world I pay no attention to this number except to make sure we are code compliant for our customers.

The thing that people find interesting is that our spray foam has over double, that’s right, twice the “R-value” of most common insulation products on the market but we still don’t go around trying to sell people on how awesome our “R-value” is. The fact is that while “R-Value” gives some reference to conductive heat transfer approximately 80% of our homes heat loss is through convection (air movement) and if we insulate your home with even 1” of spray foam (R-6) it will outperform that same home insulated with fibreglass (R-19).

If I sold our customers on “R-Value” we would win every time but more importantly we sell our customers a perfectly sealed building envelope which is much more important when trying to create an energy efficient home. When we are done insulating a home, we use a computerized blower door test to measure and quantify air leakage in the building envelope and use thermal imaging to ensure quality every time. 780-833-1210,