Ask the Facials Expert – Trina Lui


Ask the Facials Expert – Trina Lui

Back to School and Teen Acne – A Simple Guide to the Dos & Don’ts

It’s not secret that many teenagers suffer with breakouts and oily skin.  Hormonal changes in teenagers cause their skin to produce excess oils.  Combine that with an active lifestyle or the stress of homework and you have a perfect formula for acne.


Don’t: Use exfoliating scrubs on inflamed acne.  This will increase your risk of spreading the bacteria inside the pimples to other parts of your face and neck.

Do: Visit a spa once every 2 to 4 weeks for a zone treatment (only on t-zone or area of concern) or a teen facial.  These treatments will help to resurface the skin and clear up breakouts for smooth, clean skin.

Don’t: Wash your face with soap and water.  While this method feels very good for the first 15 minutes after the wash, it does not offer a long term solution to the oiliness and can actually stimulate your skin to produce more oils.

Do: Use a milky or foaming cleanser that will offer the clean feel you are looking for, but still allowing your skin to retain some of its natural oils.  Natural oils in the skin are essential in keeping it balanced.

Don’t: Waste your money on a bunch of harsh and drying acne products that are not right for your skin. These products often contain alcohol which will simply dry out your skin too much. The result could lead to your skin over reacting and become highly sensitive over time.

Do: Use a mask that is designed for oily/acneic skin 1-2 times a week.  Masks are considered 8 times more effective in treating acne/breakouts than just using a moisturizer.

Don’t: Pick your pimples, even if there isn’t any puss inside.  Picking will result in scabbing and scarring of the skin, which looks just as bad.

Do: Use a spot treatment if you notice a new pimple on your face.  Spot treatments will calm the breakout and help it to heal faster with less scarring.

Don’t: Cover your acne up with heavy makeup.  Unless you are using a mineral makeup, anything else will clog your pores further and possibly results in more breakouts.  Your makeup brushes can also spread the acne bacteria.

Do: Try to use a mineral makeup.  Minerals are natural products which allow the skin to breathe.  This is important in giving the skin a chance to heal.

And there you have it.  Follow these simple guidelines and you’ll look amazing for school photos.


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