Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

dent repair expert

Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

It’s really summer! Now that you’ve been to the car wash a few times, how is that door ding looking? Or that hail damage from last August? Chances are it’s a lot more visible now than it was in the middle of winter. Now is the perfect time to come in for an estimate and get that annoyance taken care of.

Paintless dent repair (PDR) is the right answer to preserve your paint finish, maintain your resale value, and bring your vehicle back to looking the way it did before that dent happened! We don’t sand, fill, or repaint body panels. And repairs are done much more quickly than with traditional body work.

Since 1996, we’ve been right here in Red Deer removing dents from all kinds of vehicles from the family car, to fire trucks, to your work truck. Thousands of vehicles from almost every dealership in Central Alberta and your next door neighbour have come through our doors for everything from a shopping cart ding to extensive hail damage. Estimates are free, and we’ll tell you right away if your damage is a good candidate for PDR. We also won’t hesitate to tell you if you need a conventional body shop repair.

Come by the shop after that car wash and we’ll be happy to do a no obligation appraisal for you!  Or call 403-340-3177 or visit