Ask the Clinical Hypnosis Expert – Peggy Davis

clinical hypnosis expert

Ask the Clinical Hypnosis Expert – Peggy Davis


Did you know that everything you do involves hypnosis? Believe it or not, it does. When you think of hypnosis, does the image of a stage show, with a group of people doing crazy and embarrassing things pop into your mind? If that is how you think of hypnosis, you are not alone.  The word “hypnosis” comes from the Greek word “hypnos” which means sleep. A hypnotized person can look as if they are asleep. Actually they are far from it. They are in a state of heightened focus. Their focus has shifted from the normal world into what an athlete calls the “zone”. While they are in that zone, they can change the perception of speed, time, and distance. To a basketball player, being in the zone means that the hoop is not thirty feet away; in their mind it is only three feet away. They can mentally almost reach out and guide the ball into the net.

You enter trances many times each day. It might be when you are driving down the highway, your mind drifts off. You may become so absorbed in a book or television program that you lose track of time. You can become so involved in work or a project that you let several hours slip by unnoticed.

Not all trances are positive ones. You may constantly replay events of the past in your mind. You may worry about the future. Someone could treat you unfairly and you become consumed with anger. You may carry a sense of guilt with you wherever you go. These are all negative trances. Hypnosis can be defined as “communication and imagination”.  Every advertisement is  hypnotic. Every word and thought written or spoken is hypnotic.

If you would like to feel better in the way you think and do things, I am here to help. I am a counselor first and a clinical hynotherapist second, and I wish to help you feel better about your life. Your benefits will often cover your sessions. Please call today!