Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert – Wallace Jans

Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert- Dr. Wallace Jans

Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert – Wallace Jans


Numerous surveys conducted between the mid 1970’s and 2014 have consistently shown that chiropractic patients are satisfied with the care they receive from chiropractors.  In almost every survey, over 80% of respondents were either ‘very satisfied’ or ‘satisfied”, while less than 10% were either ‘very dissatisfied’ or ‘dissatisfied”.  These surveys where conducted by both governments and private firms in Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia.  It is remarkable that the satisfaction rating has been so high, in so many surveys, over such a long time period, all around the world.  Why is it that patients are so satisfied with chiropractic care?

The people who conducted these surveys have offered some insights.  In the surveys, patients reported that compared to other treatments they had tried, chiropractic provided:

  1. Better outcomes and results. This included more pain relief, faster return to activities, and fewer side effects.
  1. Better quality of service. Patients felt there is better and easier access to chiropractors. They also expressed that chiropractors excelled in their communication and conducted themselves in a highly professional manner.
  1. More agreeable methods. Patients liked the fact that chiropractic care is hands on and that the frequency of visits established a good working partnership between the patient and doctor. The emphasis on patient involvement and self help was important to patients.  They also liked the fact that prescription drugs were not used.

Although we haven’t conducted any formal surveys of patient satisfaction in our office, we know that people must be satisfied with the care they are receiving.  Patients love to refer their family and friends for care and they would only do that if they were pleased.  They keep coming back for maintenance, when old issues reoccur or when they have new problems.  They love to tell us about how life has improved since they’ve had chiropractic care.

If you haven’t experienced chiropractic care, you should see why so many people around the world get excited about their visits to their chiropractor.  If you’ve had a less than satisfactory experience with chiropractic in the past, maybe it’s time to revisit for a new chiropractic experience.  Call our office today to see if you can benefit from chiropractic care.

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