Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Gene Elash


Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Gene Elash

Retaining Walls – Is this your Summer Project?

Building retaining walls can be a big project. They are a beautiful  feature in your yard that will add definition to your  landscape. Contractors and the DIY person can do this job if they have the right tools & equipment to help them.

Site access is important. Plan your rental equipment  and materials delivery sites for ease of access and completing your project. Always contact your local authorities to flag underground lines for gas, power etc. Check with your city for permits that may be required and any regulations that may apply. Safety when doing any project is always top of your list. Equipment required would be Safety glasses, gloves, Ear protection and dust masks can be purchased at The Rent-It Store when you pick up your  rental equipment. Book your rentals in advance to ensure they are available for you when you start your retaining wall. You will need a Vibratory Plate Tamper, Laser level, Long Tape Measure, 4ft level, MK  Brick Saw, DeadBlow Hammer, Laser Level and a Wheel  Barrow. Depending on the size of your  retaining wall you may required a Bobcat or Excavator to get you started.

Whether you are doing a 1ft or 6ft retaining wall, proper subgrade preparation is very important. By doing research on the internet, or contacting your Local supplier of your Retaining wall stone for some  advice you will be able to create a firm foundation for your stone.

To begin , dig a trench so you can bury the first row 4-6 inches deep and twice the width of the stone you are using. Tamp down the dirt with a Hand Tamper or Jumping  Tamper from The Rent-It Store,  keeping  it level. Fill your trench with 3 or more inches of paver base. You can now use a plate tamper.  This will create a strong  foundation for your wall.

For the first row, make sure blocks are flat and level. Always start with the lowest point and check level front to back and side to side.  Continue on with the first row, always checking your level.  Tapping with a  Rubber DeadBlow Hammer will work to ensure blocks are level. To start the second row, you will use the  brick saw to cut your block in half to stagger your joints. Continue your rows. After a few rows of stone  you will want to add drainage directly behind your blocks. Fill behind your wall with gravel and continue  to add more rows. Once you reach the top few rows you may want to apply a concrete adhesive to hold everything together.

Remember, this can be a big job. Many qualified professional contractors are available and can complete the job for you in a timely manner, something you may want to consider if your retaining wall  is large.

For all of the rental equipment you need for this job, contact the Rental/Sales Experts® at The Rent-It  Store. They will help you find everything you need to complete your summer project or your customers retaining wall.  306-652-0101,