Ask the Expert on Dog behavior, Grooming & Pet Food – Rebecca Hayes-Copeland


Ask the Expert on Dog behavior, Grooming & Pet FoodRebecca Hayes-Copeland

What disappoints me the most about dog training is this human want for instant gratification. This means we want results and we want them now, no matter what the cost. I have received many a phone call from someone who needs this problem addressed NOW. They cannot wait a day, or longer. This needs fixing now.

The truth about behaviour though, is it didn’t spring up overnight. These are things that have been slowly progressing over weeks and months to get to the point where I receive a phone call. A real dog trainer knows, and explains, that these things will take time to teach and train, because the dog now has to change a behaviour it has been practicing for a long time into something new.

Change isn’t easy. Not for humans or dogs. It does take time. It takes practice. It takes commitment and dedication.

My point? Beware the instant fix. Trainers that are selling you on an instant fix versus teaching the dog what we expect and want, are usually resorting to using high amounts of punishment and pain. Most of the time these sorts of ‘instant fixes’ are just causing a dog to become overwhelmed and shut down. Not actually learning to behave, just shutting down the environment because they can no longer cope.

It’s an easy recipe to follow and it fits right into our human want of instant gratification. But guess what? Dogs aren’t machines. They are living breathing beings and they deserve the time and patience it takes to teach them. You can still get results without an instant fix but recognize that it will take time for the dog to learn as it takes time for you to teach.

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