Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Mike Broadfoot

Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Mike Broadfoot

 Summer Projects – Installing Paving Stone Walkways & Patios

Whether you are planning the hard landscaping for your new home or maybe redoing an existing patio or walkway, consider Patio Stones. They are beautiful, durable and, when properly installed they will add value to your home. They come in a variety of styles to suit everyone’s landscaping dream.

After you have picked your stones, finished your research on this project, you are ready to start. Renting the equipment you need from The Rent-It Store will help you get your project done. First you need to stake out the area for your project. You can do this with stakes and strings. You’ll probably have grass that needs to be removed in hard to reach areas. You can do this pretty easily using a Sod cutter. Then you need to dig down to a point where you want your base to start.

For most patio and walkway projects, experts suggest you dig down seven inches. That was to allow for a four inch base, a layer of sand, and the pavers .The secret to a low maintenance pathway or patios begins with a well-laid base.

At this point you may need to excavate the remaining area with a Skid Steer. This piece of equipment comes in a variety of sizes and as narrow as 36” for those tight places you may want your walkway to run. The skid steer will also be used to fill and level your base gravel. Always use a Laser Level to help determine your appropriate grade levels throughout the job. This is very important.

Your base gravel is now ready for compaction using the CF2 Pro Plate Tamper. It works best to put down only half of the base material at a time, and compact it after each layer. In our case, two three-inch layers compacted down to the four inches of base we needed. Always keep the compactors running at full throttle. If you slow it down even a little, you reduce the effect. Let the machine pull itself forward, you shouldn’t have to push it to make it move. First run the compactor around the edges of the area twice. Then start on the low side and work across the grade, moving uphill. Then change directions 90 degrees and start going up and down. Next, do a diagonal pass. Then repeat the whole process again.

You will now want to check your grade and make any alterations that are necessary. Install your edge restraints around the perimeter using a Sledge hammer. Add 1 inch of course sand over your base gravel. Using 2 pieces of 1” pipe parallel to each other, shovel your sand between the pipes. By using a manual Screed Bar running over the pipes you can spread your sand evenly. Once all of the gravel has been covered you can use your Plate Tamper again to pack your sand.

Once you have determined your grade is correct and your base has been prepared correctly, you can begin to lay your pavers. As you will have to cut some of your pavers to fit, use the MK 14” Dry Paving Stone Saw to help you complete the job.

When you are happy with the placement of all your paving stones, you can apply sand or crusher dust to the entire surface. You will now use our New EVPC120S Roller Plate Tamper to compact your pavers. This roller plate is used for pavers specifically as it rolls over pavers without causing any damage to your stones. Once done, sweep any excess sand off your walkway or patio and you are ready to enjoy!


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