Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard

dent repair expert

Ask the Dent Repair Expert – Paul Howard


It’s that time of year and the forecast is amazingly good this time around. So far…. You run your vehicle through the wash to get rid of all that winter gunk – the muck, the sand, the salt, the ice – and, whoa, wait a minute!!

Have you checked to see if you have dents and dings?  It’s very common to see dents in the hood and fenders from rocks due to road sanding, and on your doors and quarter panels that are usually courtesy of someone parking too close to you at the mall.

This type of damage is minor, but can be very irritating.

There’s no need to live with it because of the high costs associated with filling and repainting the damage.

We can remove these dents and dings without sanding, fillers, or repainting. All at a reasonable cost and usually in a few hours.

Swing by the shop on your way back from the car wash for an estimate. They’re free, and only take a few minutes.

If you’re taking the time and care to wash away the grime, it isn’t going to take that much more to “wash away” your dings as well!