Ask the Water Expert – Ernie Butler

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Ask the Water Expert – Ernie Butler

Northern Water Cleaners produces bactericidal water cleaning systems using patented, technology that deliver healthy, good tasting drinking water.

Northern Water Cleaners is a private corporation conducting business in Saskatchewan, Canada. The corporate office is located at 809 High Street West, Moose Jaw, SK, S6H 6L7.

Following a 1985 water pollution crisis in Moose Jaw, Mr. Ernie Butler, the founder of Northern Water Cleaners, decided to make his own water cleaner using granulated activated charcoal. This filter resulted in a much improved filtration system than reverse osmosis or distillation; however, bacteria remained and multiplied within the water filter. Subsequently, Mr. Butler developed and patented a bactericidal system that killed all the residual bacteria.

Research and development continued in our Saskatchewan facility under the guidance of Mr. Butler and with the assistance of independent laboratories, and with input from Canada’s Department of Health and Welfare. Based on the early prototype, Northern Water Cleaners developed the world’s only cost effective, industrial water treatment system that removes all impurities from the water and kills the bacteria growing within the filter.