Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert –Dr. April Ruzycki

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Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert –Dr. April Ruzycki

What is your spine worth?

One of our patients lives by the motto and quotes: “You are Wealthy when You are Healthy!”

If you have ever experienced a bout of extreme pain you understand this quote. Whether you are rich or poor – pain has no bias.

Pain is debilitating. It prevents us from doing the things we love such as: playing with the grandchildren, picking up the kids, throwing a ball to the dog, playing sports, doing yoga, walking with a friend or gardening. But, it also prevents us from doing essential daily activities such as getting dressed, brushing your hair, getting in and out of a car/the bed/a chair, cooking and cleaning. Additionally, it can prevent you from being able to perform your job.

As chiropractors, we have patients come in with intense pain that is preventing them from being able to do the things they love, need or have to do. As a society, we often take our health and wellness for granted, it is not until something is awry that we spring into action. Your spine health is just as important as your tooth and gum health – we need to and should take care of our backs!

Let us take a quick quiz:

  1. In Canada, what is the 2nd leading reason for medical visits and the number one cause of disability?

Back pain and other musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions

  1. How many Canadians annually are affected by back pain and other MSK conditions?

11 million!

  1. What disease rivals back pain and other MSK conditions in overall health burdens?

Cardiovascular disease

  1. One out of how many Albertans see a chiropractor each year for injuries?

Four! (There are 4.1 million people in Alberta – so approximately 1 million every year see a chiropractor just for injury, not including wellness!)

  1. What singly occurring condition has a greater overall economic impact than back pain and other MSK conditions?

Nothing! This is surprising. Especially when the media rarely discusses back pain,it is on the back burner in the face of cancer, heart disease etc.

With statistics like that, it puts into perspective how important our spine is! Not only for day to day activity and for the ability to participate in the things we love to do, but for our financial and health welfare.

Most of us work for a living, but the thing that allows us to earn that living is our mind and our bodies – we need to take care of them! They are essential, they are the only things that can make us money.

What are you doing to keep yourself healthy, so that you may be wealthy – financially, emotionally and physically?