Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Mike Broadfoot

Ask the Equipment Rentals & Sales Expert – Mike Broadfoot

Building a New Fence? We have the tools to help you!

It’s time to build a new wood fence, whether it be for privacy or security, you will need the right tools to help you. Renting the right tools required to do this, will save you both time and money. Before you start, contact your local utility suppliers to come and stake the ground for utility lines, so you don’t have any issues later on. Check with your local area for regulations on height of fence in the area you are building. Now determine where your posts will go.

In new areas, you may need to find your property line so you know where your fence can be installed. The Pin Locator will help you with this. Most standard fences have 8ft centers. You always start with your end posts. Dig your holes 2-3 ft deep using a Post Hole Auger. The Rent-It Store carries manual, one-man gas, two-man gas and one-man wheeled hydraulic gas augers. Bury the posts either in dirt or, depending upon your preference, concrete. Using a Level, make sure these post are vertically level.

Once your end posts are finished, run a line with an item like a mason’s line from one end to the other. Now you can measure your 8ft centers for the other posts that need to be installed. Using the posthole auger, dig the remaining holes and add posts. Ensure that each post is plumb with a level. You will do this for each post location, then tautly run string at the top of each post and near the bottom between each post. The string at the top should be used to adjust the height of each post, to ensure they are properly aligned. The string along the bottom should be used to check the alignment at the face of each post. Any necessary adjustments should be made at this time by repositioning the post within the hole. Concrete may be used to secure your posts.

Once your posts have sat for a day, allowing concrete to dry, you can use the Laser Level to cut the height of your posts even.  The concrete has now cured for an appropriate duration and you are ready to attach the stringers and fence boards. Using a Chop Saw at this time will help you cut your top and bottom stringers.  You can then make any necessary rips of your fence boards using a 10” Table Saw.  Using either a cordless drill or an impact, fasten the fence boards to the stringers with coated fence screws.

Your new fence will now improve your home’s curb appeal, provide security, increase your privacy, and offer protection from the elements. Contact our Rental/Sales Professionals at 306 652-0101. They will help you find the right tools & equipment for the job you are doing.

Efficiency Ratio), the measure of an air conditioner’s efficiency.  The higher the SEER number, the more energy efficient the air conditioner is.

Next, make sure your new air conditioner is properly maintained.  Research shows that, without annual maintenance, air conditioners lose a substantial amount of efficiency, break down more often, and wear out a lot faster than they should.  To get the most out of your investment in a new cooling system, treat it to an annual clean and check.  Better yet, sign up for a maintenance agreement.

Last but not least, get your duct work tightened up.  Studies show that most duct work has many leaks (and even gaping holes in some cases).  Reducing leaks by as little as 30% can save as much as 15% off your annual air conditioning bill, and about 12% off your heating bill.  Repairing leaks is not a do-it-yourself job.  Professional contractors have the right tools and sealants to do the job, and once it’s done, the airflow can be rebalanced in the duct work.