Ask the Pool and Spa Expert – Sheila Edmondson

pools and spa expert

Ask the Pool and Spa Expert – Sheila Edmondson

We LOVE Summer!

Look at the many items that can improve your health, comfort and outdoor spaces.

Spas –Shopping for a hot tub –  when we talk hot tubs at Sun N Fun Pool & Spa we talk hydrotherapy.

Looking for a hot tub is sometimes confusing. It will pay to do some research, ask hard questions, and get the spa you want with the features and quality you expect. Hot tub manufacturers are coming to Alberta from every direction, does that mean choice, yes, does that mean quality, far from it. We can help.

At Sun N Fun Pool & Spa we include delivery, set up, customized starter water maintenance kit and full spa orientation, because we know you need it! Our family values and no pressure attitude ensures you receive the correct answers. Sundance Spas are known for:

  • Reputation – are leaders in the industry. How do we know this? Sundance Spas have won more awards than any other spa manufacturing company. Most recently the ASPEN won the 2013 ADEX Award, Sundance Spas – awarded by their peers for innovations that make a Sundance Spa easier to take care of, with superior filtration which ensures cleaner water with less work and chemical usage.
  • Standard Features – Sundance Spas have the MOST STANDARD features of any hot tub manufacturer and are second to none for improving every aspect of the hot tub.
  • Latest Technology – In 2012 Sundance Spas introduced a VU-C unit, ClearRay, this unit designed by Sundance engineers is the latest technology in the bacteria battle within your hot tub. Standard on EVERY Sundance model, the ClearRay unit combined with dedicated 24 hour circulation keeps bacteria at bay, and allows you to lower the amount of sanitizer required in your hot tub.
  • 24 Energy Efficient Dedicated Circulation cleaner water is achieved by circulating water through filters, when you use a dedicated circulation pump, it is quiet……….shhh………….and it uses less power, win, win!
  • Quality – Sundance Spas have been made for Canadian winters since 1979, for a multitude of reasons, Sundance Spas surpass most competitors with quality, latest technology, filtration, hydrotherapy and warranty.

Pools – Vogue –  Permanent above ground pools, STAY UP ALL YEAR LONG; they use INDUSTRY STANDARD fittings so you can always find parts. Vogue offers premium quality, are easy to install and maintain. Ask us for a quote.

Premium Patio Furniture – Lloyd Flanders – since 1906 Lloyd Flanders has meant 2 things, comfort and quality. Today there are over 40 different styles to choose from. Great In Store selection


Gensun – Premium sling furniture – up to 15  Year warranties you are going to love the fit, style and quality.


BBQ’S – Saber Grills – infrared grilling – NO FLARE UPS – grill veggies, chicken and steak at the same time. Premium quality with amazing results.


Make your summer special with one or more of the finest products available from Sun N Fun Pool & Spa.