Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. April Ruzycki

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Ask the Chiropractic Care Expert – Dr. April Ruzycki

Great Staff = Great Workplace

When you walk into any office, the staff are the front line workers – they are the first impression. Staff can make or break an experience and often are the reason why people choose to return. If a patient is welcomed, recognized and attended to an a timely manner they are happy and satisfied.

We are proud to say our staff are phenomenal! They are an integral part of why our office is bright, upbeat and hopping! Patient feedback regarding our staff is most often positive including comments such as: your staff are some of the best in town, the girls are so accommodating at getting me in at a time that works for me, they make the office enjoyable to come to and how the ladies are always cheerful! As doctors we are thrilled to hear this praise and love relaying it back to the staff.

At the front, Terri and Pam are able to answer the phone, book in patients, check-in and check-out patients, print receipts, help with insurance questions, bill Alberta Blue Cross and correspond with insurance companies all while greeting patients with a smile and keeping the flow of patients at the front desk streamlined! This is in addition to keeping the doctors on time and trying to accommodate all of our requests. These girls epitomize the term multitasking!

Our back office staff full-fill many, many roles. They process every new patient who walks through the door – they are the initial 45 minutes of a patient’s first experience in our office, so it is of utmost importance that they be on their A-game all the time!  Myra, Crystal, Jessica and Nicole keep the patient flow to the chiropractors smooth, while juggling re-scans, footscans, filing, ordering supplies, keeping the nutrition up to date, assisting the front desk staff with the phone and patients, in addition to accommodating the doctors requests such as pulling up x-rays and icing patients.

As doctors we are grateful to our staff for keeping the day to day operations of the clinic functioning efficiently. The staff are able to juggle multiple duties simultaneously while keeping the flow from new patients to established patients fluid for 5 chiropractors, 1 laser therapist and 4 massage therapists!

The commitment our staff gives the office is commendable and we appreciate it. Terri has been with the office the longest…12 years! Her knowledge and experience is invaluable. Overall the staff provide our clientele with a total of 29.5 years of service in our clinic – we think it is incredible! The staff get to know our patients, they are interested in their lives; they rejoice, celebrate and grieve with patients during different life events. Laughter between the staff and patients is daily and we love it!

We are confident in saying that we have some of the finest staff in the Medicine Hat.

Thank you Ladies for creating a great workplace.

Happy Administration Professionals Day!