Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From


Ask the Christian Living Expert – Pastor Philip Robe-From

You want a change.  Tired of the same thing over and over, you change your hair. Or maybe you change your clothing. Perhaps, you hope, a change of where you live will help. Be assured that if you don’t change your mind, everything outward will change; but, the inside will be the same.

The first question that Jesus asked people was,“Do you want help?” It would seem obvious, but sometimes our actions are saying one thing and our inner thoughts are saying another.  You can build a life of normalized dysfunction.  Always changing exterior things; yet, you can remain the same on the inside.  So how do you change?  You need to change your mind.

There were two twins raised by an alcoholic father.  One was asked, “Why are you such a heavy drinker?” He quickly explained that it all stemmed from his upbringing.  Simply put, he said he was an alcoholic because his father was an alcoholic.

The other twin was asked, “Why is it that you never drink even a drop of liquor?”  He answered, “Because my father was an alcoholic.”  It’s not so much circumstances or exterior conditions as much as it can be a change of your mind that determines the changes of your life.

We are told about a man named Esau who sold his birthright for a bowl of soup.  It was the equivalent of trading a new car for a pencil.  It was a very poor decision.  He sought repentance with tears and found it not.  The word repentance means, “a change of mind.”  This tells us that an emotional response alone does not really bring about change.  It takes serious change of mind.

I knew of a woman who was in a very bad relationship.  She suffered as a victim of domestic violence and was regularly physically abused.  All her friends and family begged her to leave; but, she stayed in the relationship.  She would go back to her boyfriend and the vicious cycle would continue.  It seemed that no amount of pleading would convince her to get out.

But one day, something happened.  She packed her kids and her clothes and left.  She moved in with her sister and never went back.  What had happened?  She made a decision and acted on it because she had changed her mind about her situation.

What areas of your life need a change of mind?