Ask the Debt Management Expert – Brian Blanchard

debt management expert

Ask the Debt Management Expert – Brian Blanchard

Tax time is just around the corner here in Red Deerand some people are expecting a refund. They may have started to set up a plan as to how they are going to use this refund to pay down their debt or they are speaking with their tax planners and bankers to see if an even greater tax refund can be obtained through additional contributions to their RRSP.

Unfortunately though, there are others here in the community that are afraid to even file their taxes because of what they may owe the Government. Whether you are expecting a refund or dreading having to pay, one thing is for sure: you need to file your taxes.

We have all heard the saying, “The only certainty in life is death and taxes”, and many people have told the counsellors here at Bromwich and Smith that because they owe so much money to the Taxman as well as to other creditors, they feel like dying. We can’t promise that we can help you live forever but rest assured we have the tools, resources and expertise to provide you a way out of your debt troubles – Even those debts owing to the government for taxes!

If you are in a situation where you are considering using your tax refund to catch up on debts that you owe, talk to us first. If you are avoiding filing your taxes because you are afraid that you will owe money to the Taxman, DON’T PANIC! We can help you.

If you are no longer receiving overtime or have had to take a reduction in your pay because of the current recession, give us a call, there are options.

More importantly, if you are considering redeeming your RRSPs or liquidating any of your assets to pay down your debt,

DON’T DO IT before speaking with us. You’ll be surprised to find out why this information is so important for you to know.

Since 2002 Bromwich and Smith have been helping cash strapped and debt poor Albertans settle their financial problems through forced settlements called Consumer Proposals. Imagine no interest payable, being debt free in 5 years or less and paying less than the total amount that you owe! You can’t do it on your own, but you can with the help of one of our local counsellors here at Bromwich and Smith. Call us today