Ask the Kitchen & Bath Fixtures Expert –   Kevin Dodd


With Maax tubs and showers you can customize your bathroom to create a space that is intimate and beneficial to your wellbeing.

If you are renovating or building a new home, Maax products are available at Kitchen & Bath Classics and they have designs that will fit into any existing or new space. If it’s a tub you need, the styles range from a niche in tub in smaller sizes like 60” x 32” or even 30” wide, up to 72” long. The Maax modern square Rubix soaker tub with skirt will fit into smaller spaces and includes an integral tiling flange to give you a worry free seal between your tile wall and our tub. Maax also has acrylic tub surrounds if you prefer an easy clean and simple durable wall install option. If you would like your tub jetted, the Exhibit tub from Kitchen & Bath Classics is available in a soaker, whirlpool, air system or a combination of the jets.

If it’s a shower you are looking for, there are options available that can be taken apart and reassembled in the bathroom space. Kitchen & Bath Classics has Maax shower bases in several sizes allowing you to tile your walls to create a custom shower space, with an easy clean base. Some of the bases offer a built in seat. As another choice, there are wall options with most bases if you prefer that over tile. The tile redi bases are a product that goes under your tile leaving you with a worry free seal under your tile base that won‘t leak.

For a smaller bathroom, I would recommend a sliding door as it always works in a tight space, and is available today without all the tracking on the bottom the old doors used to have. If you choose a two panel door, there are options that have the tracking hidden in the top rail with just an easy clean frame across the bottom and sides. There is also minimal or no framing on the actual glass itself, leaving a more streamlined look to the doors including some with attached modern towel bars. The sliding two panel Maax Kameleon door offers a gentle soft close glide feature and is available in options to fit on various sizes of both tubs and showers. Clear glass allows for the eye to see further, giving the bathroom the illusion of a larger space. If cleaning is more of a concern, the obscure glass option on doors conceal water spots, resulting in less maintenance. A textured glass door also gives privacy in a shared bathroom. The Maax Purfect pivot doors and the Mechanix sliding barn door options are gorgeous luxury doors in a heavier glass. They are great for tiled spaces and require a little reinforcement in the walls to hold these heavier doors in place.

At Kitchen & Bath Classics you can discuss with our Experts® which Maax products will be perfect for your home. A Maax drop in or freestanding tub, may require a little more room, but offer a deeper soak. They are available in soaker, whirlpool or air systems offering a therapeutic bath to release stress and pain and give you a greater sense of well-being after your busy day. The Maax Optik tub is available

in all options of installation and bhas the popular square shaped interior and exterior. The Charm tub is a classical free standing claw foot tub which is perfect for a character home. The Sax freestanding tub offers vibrant and exciting colours on the outside of the tub to turn up the style in your bathroom.


Come and visit our Kitchen & Bath Classics Experts to see all the ways Maax products are the best choice for your bathroom.