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Kevin Welcome to the August edition of Ask The Experts®. We would like to thank all of our readers for their loyalty and commitment of reading our publications month in and month out. Our Experts® take a lot of time out of their busy lives to write these informative pieces to offer everyone Expert Advice®. As the summer days are slowly coming to an end, it's almost time for the little rug rats to be back in school. We are sure that most parents are almost to the point of pulling their hair out and very excited for Back to School. Be sure to Turn To The Experts® for all your Back To School needs. Whether it be picking out the latest trends in clothes or maybe buying your teen their first car. The Experts® are always here to help you.
Thank you to all of Our Experts®, we know it takes time and effort to produce these informative pieces each month.
Cherished readers please know Our Experts® are always here to help. So never hesitate to ask them a question or leave feedback. You can always contact us on our website at: to submit a question, comment or concern. So Turn to The Experts® to help you through your Year. Maybe you' re looking for a new home, vehicle, or just need repairs done. Our Experts® are ready to serve. God Bless and remember . . . . . . The Experts® you need to Know


Regina Granite Transformations – Rob Carey


We are pleased to announce that Tarek & Christina El Moussa of the hit HGTV series, “Flip or Flop,” will serve as the North American brand ambassadors. At Granite Transformations, we are a full-service remodeling franchise known for revolutionary one-day surfacing processes. “We are thrilled to be a part of the Granite Transformations family and […]

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Regina Ask the Coolers and Heaters – Ed Hodel


Frequently Asked Questions Why is a system with matched components so important? A matched system is important for a variety of reasons. One is comfort. When all your components are properly sized to your home, you can control exactly how much heating or cooling you need so you can relax. Also, a properly sized matched […]

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Regina Motivation – Matt Maddix


The 3 P`s of Your Life If you are like me, you’ve most likely had times in your life where you came to a crossroad and you just didn’t know what to do. We can’t hardly escape life without reaching the fork in the road where we simply have to make the tough call. Sure […]

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Regina Lingerie and Alteration – Deanna Tanner


Due to customer demand we now offer Maternity Bras! These are not your typical white or beige yukky old bras that look like they were designed and made in an armoury.  Oh no way!  We have found you pretty, coloured designer nursing bras from the super model, Heidi Klum! These Bras are cotton lined, designed […]

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& Stone

& Stone

Ask the Quartz, Glass, & Stone Expert – Bob Varner

Ask the Quartz, Glass, & Stone Expert – Bob Varner